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"We make pure skin care products, inspired by cutting edge technology; formulated with mindful practice and active ingredients made fresh by nature, because we know that feeling good, is the starting point to living well."


CBD Care Garden™  is the first luxury skin care line to make THC free, Cannabidiol (CBD) rich, plant based products with 80% organic ingredients and no junk!


“The market has changed and we wanted to make products that people feel good about using. We are proud to create products that support the wellbeing of others and the kind people fall in love with!”


CBD Care Garden is a fresh-vibe company founded in 2016 out of Denver, Colorado and USA Made. “We are a clean, fashion-hip brand leading the industry, with one of the hottest trends of our time, pure hemp CBD products!” There are no psychoactive properties in the product line, however, there are many great skin benefits and the current demands are proving to be even more telling.


We often receive the question, “How did this all begin?” As with anything, an idea and a few wishes. What was initially a simple concept, of CBD skin care products, made pure, with zero THC; was quickly escalated by tons of research and a whole lot of conversations exploring the market potential, while creating a brand people can relate to. The amount of interest has superseded better than we could have imagined. “It’s excitement bursting in every direction and we stand with gratitude for all of it.”


The CBD Care Garden line is formulated with state of the art chemistry ( including a particular chemist with a passion for naturally derived skin care), and carefully selected botanical plant combinations you won’t typically find in your everyday skin care products.


Weeks after launching, CBD Care Garden was featured by Fox 31 news and then picked up by nationwide networks with enormous buzz. After a press release, CBD Care Garden was selected as one of twenty-six premier brands, to be gifted in the 2016 Emmy Award swag bags, taking place at the W Hotel, in LA. California. Currently, CBD Care Garden is the sole skin care brand being highlighted in the fall edition of Innovation and Technology Today Magazine, which is now available at Barnes and Noble locations amongst others.


Elvis Papi

Formerly known as the founder of VapRwear, introduced the CBD Care Garden concept to current CEO, Vanessa Marquez and COO and President Chris E. These three entrepreneurs decided to link up to create the first luxury CBD hemp based skincare brand that lives up to their personal standards. All three of the founders have very diverse backgrounds, of which, they believe is what makes the CBD Care Garden brand so unique and strong.

Elvis Papi, Founder

A man with style, big personality and heart, complimented by a Caribbean accent, is the dreamer, connector and promoter behind the CBD Care Garden brand and product line. Living in Denver for over twenty years he literally knows someone anywhere he steps foot.

Chris E. COO, President, Co-Founder

A United States Marine who served for ten years, a father, and serial entrepreneur of various business, including the industries of  skin care, health and wellness and energy. At thirty years of age, his life experience exceeds far beyond his time spent, whilst his passion for strategy and focus towards helping others, provides the kind of leadership foresight that steers the brand in a progressive intentional direction.

Vanessa Marquez, CEO and Co-Founder

“A healthy sense of well being is everything.” Vanessa is a dedicated 28 yr old entrepreneur with a top achieving proven track record and an obsession for living at your best. Operating a prior seven year successful business in Massage Therapy, building international distribution channels within the industries of skin care and plant technologies, in addition to a lifetime of personal study with plant ingredients and nutrition, she stops at nothing. Her brilliantly creative mind inspires her ingenious visions, of which she contributes to her business savvy attributes. “For me it comes down to this, I’m inspired by that fierce desire to build the kind of brands that people would like to see more of, those which people can believe in. So that is exactly what we are doing here at CBD Care Garden.”

Cannabidiol (CBD) has yet to be classified as "safe for personal use," by organizations that govern topical skin and cosmetic products. If there are any concerns, you are advised to consult with your dermatologist or primary care physician. CBD Care Garden LLC, makes no medical claims to treat, prevent, cure or mitigate any diseases or ailments. The CBD Care Garden product line is not intended for therapeutic use and all products within the line are to be used responsibly.

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